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I'm a cross-discipline product designer who likes helping people see daily life in a different way. I specialize in digital design with a focus on putting humans first. I make the world more beautiful and more friendly with things like paper, ink, wax, pixels, bits, and .

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323 Creative Group

For a brief time, I collaborated with a local startup called 323 Creative Group. During this collaboration, I served as creative director and created a visual identity, branding guide, and landing page for the group.

The page is fully responsive, uses CSS3 transitions and has sharp full bleed gradients that randomly load in various colors from the brand guide.

Personal Website for Alyssa Kathryn

An artist's portfolio site, featuring large image previews, graceful transitions, and beautiful overlays.

This project was an enjoyable experiment in workflow. Once we had a final design, the entire project was developed in a matter of hours using Grunt, SASS, and Amazon Web Services for low cost deployment.

Mitsubishi USA Road Trips landing page

A custom campaign landing page built as part of Lonely Planet's campaign for Mitsubishi Motors. Ajax content, background image carousel, and omniture analytics were just a few of the client's requests.

This project was built using Ruby on Rails and Lonely Planet's UI framework to ensure a design consistent with the core Lonely Planet experience.

NorCal Adventure Tumblr

My good friend, Chandler, is moving from Middle Tennessee to Northern Californa in the fall and needed a website to help friends and family keep in touch. I built him a Tumblr theme so he'd have an easy way to share quick photos, short letters, and embedded posts from various social media sites.

Lonely Planet Social Hub

A simple (and, in my opinion, beautiful) spash page linking to all of Lonely Planet's official social media profiles.

The page was designed and developed in just over 24 hours using our super fancy rails app built specifically for these projects, stellar.js for parallax, and ample amounts of good coffee.